Wheatstone LNG

Wheatstone LNG First Cargo

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The long awaited Wheatstone LNG is finally on track to deliver the first cargo of the chilled fuel in the upcoming weeks. The startup involves LNG production from Train 1 with the second train expected to commence in about six to eight months. Production from Train 1 was originally targeted for the end of 2016 before being revised to mid 2017. Gas Land, Inc is extremely proud to be part of this massive project which to date is the biggest Nitrogen Generation System that we have ever built.  At full capacity, Wheatstone will produce 8.9 million tonnes of LNG per annum.

Wheatstone Commissioning

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Gas Land successfully commissioned the Nitrogen Generator System for Wheatstone LNG on 31st October 2016. Gas Land is proud to be an integral component of such a massive project which is set to redefine Australia's reputation as a LNG superpower. 

The produced Nitrogen will be used for various applications such as blanketing of tanks, purging of cold boxes, compressor seal gas, and more importantly, purging of loading arms during shipping. 

In addition to the Nitrogen Generator, Gas Land supplied the Liquid Nitrogen Back Up System for this project. The Liquid Nitrogen System consists of two Liquid Nitrogen Tanks, Pressure Building Coils, Ambient Air Vaporizers and an Economizer Circuit. Each tank can hold up to 94,000 US gallons of Liquid Nitrogen. These are the biggest tanks that Gas Land has ever built to date.