Nitrogen Applications

Nitrogen has various applications in the Upstream and Downstream Industry mainly because of Its distinctive properties:

  • Inert Gas
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Low Boiling Point of - 196 °C

In the oil and gas industry, operation safety is extremely important as you work with combustible substances. Due to Nitrogen's unique characteristics, Oil and Gas facilities cannot run safely without its usage. For instance, without Nitrogen in LNG operations, you would not be able to store or transport LNG as the piping and storage vessels need to be initially purged with Nitrogen in order to eliminate any chance of explosion. Gas Land is extremely proud of the fact that our Systems play such a pivotal role in the Oil and Gas industry.

Upstream Industry

The Upstream Industry works with strategically discovering Oil and Gas reservoirs, evaluating potential field, and then coming up with the best possible strategy to extract those reserves in the most economic, efficient and safest way possible.

The Upstream Industry and Petroleum Engineering can be classified as follows:

  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Production Engineering

Some of Nitrogen's Upstream applications include:

  • Well Stimulation
  • Workover Operations
  • Injection and Pressure Testing
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Purging Pipelines
  • Drilling

Downstream Industry

Australia's Darwin LNG Plant

Australia's Darwin LNG Plant

Once the crude Oil or Natural Gas reserves have been exploited, the next step is to process them to obtain higher purity and energy efficiency. For LNG applications - besides processing natural gas and removing contaminants - it is essential to reduce its volume so that it can be easily transported from one point to another. The solution to this problem is to liquefy Natural Gas to a liquid state. As a result, the volume of the gas is reduced by 600 times, which means that you only need one LNG carrier instead of 600.

Some of Nitrogen's Downstream applications include:

  • LNG Plants
  • Chemical Plants and Refineries
  • Fuel and Chemical Tank Inerting
  • Purging Pipelines and Storage Vessels

Gas Land's Nitrogen Generation Systems

Gas Land's Nitrogen Generator 

Gas Land's Nitrogen Generator 

Gas Land's Nitrogen Generation Systems use membrane technology to separate Nitrogen from Air. Our systems have no moving parts and thereby require very little maintenance. We design our systems such that you may produce at least 10 - 15 % more of what is required without increasing the package size or changing process requirements.

Our Packages in LNG Plants are primarily used for:

  • Tanks Blanketing
  • Cold Boxes Purging
  • Back-up Purge for the Flare Systems
  • Refrigeration Compressor seal gas
  • Boil Off Gas Compressor seal gas
  • Process Pump seal gas
  • Loading Arm Purging
  • High Pressure Start Up
  • Liquid Nitrogen Back Up System
  • Portable Systems


Nitrogen Generation System - Major Components:

  • Coalescing Filter 
  • Hydrocarbon Filter 
  • Heater 
  • Membranes 
  • Nitrogen Receiver
  • Liquid Nitrogen Backup System (Optional)

Liquid Nitrogen System - Major Components:

  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks
  • Pressure Building Coils
  • Ambient Air Vaporizers
  • Final Line Skid and Economizer Circuit