Gas Land is committed to providing only the highest quality products.

We make sure to provide systems that meet mutually agreed upon customer requirements, to comply with all regulatory requirements to which we or our products are subject, and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Satisfying our customers means delivering the right product on time at a competitive price, delivering it undamaged, and rectifying problems quickly. 

To achieve this objective, we have established and will maintain an efficient and effective Quality System, which will meet the requirements of ISO 9001. 

Gas Land's Management is responsible for implementing our Quality Policy by means of proper planning and by ensuring that our Quality Policy and all Quality System Documents are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels. Management Responsibilities and Authorities, as well as our Quality System are defined and documented. 

Any issue which cannot be resolved through normal procedures and channels should be brought to the attention of the CEO. Any employee may request corrective action where a quality deficiency is found. 

In order to evaluate and review how well we have achieved our Quality Objectives and a means to improve our Quality System, Management Review Meetings, chaired by the CEO will be held at least once per year or whenever the need arises.