What is a Membrane?


A membrane is a permeable barrier that selectively permits entities to pass through it. Gas Land utilizes membrane technology to separate air (composed of 20.8% Oxygen , 78% Nitrogen, and 1.2% other gases) to produce a Nitrogen rich gas product.  Gas Land's membrane separator modules consist of a cylindrical housing with densely packed hollow fibers. Pressurized, dried, and filtered air enters the membrane module and fast gases such as Oxygen permeate through the fibers leaving behind  Nitrogen rich gas. The separation process depends on several factors such as the size of the molecules, speed of the molecules, and chemical interactions with the fibers. Typical Gas Land Nitrogen Generation Systems are designed to deliver between 96% and 98.5% Nitrogen purity depending on the customer’s needs. The primary advantage of membrane gas separation is that the process does not require any moving parts. This reduces maintenance and repair costs and ensures the system continues to perform for years to come.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators


In Oil and gas facilities the operation of the system may vary from the intended design due to the following reasons.

1. Change in Operation Philosophy 

2. Startup or Commissioning Phase

3. Underestimation or Overestimation of required Nitrogen 

This is crucial to be aware of as each project and client, depending on the application can have different requirements at different phases of the project.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators use membrane separators to produce Nitrogen from Air. A typical membrane separator contains thousands of fibers that are bundled and encased at both ends. The fiber selectively permeates Oxygen, Water vapor and other impurities while allowing Nitrogen to flow through.Like any other process there are governing principles from which you could maximize the most from these systems.

For instance, there are three key parameters to consider in order to understand the Nitrogen flow  that can be produced from the System, these are Pressure, Temperature and Purity. These variables will dictate the Nitrogen that can be produced. Additionally, sizing of the package will be based on the flow rate of Nitrogen required, Operating Conditions and various other customers requirements.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators are highly reliable, flexible in their operation, require minimal maintenance and have no moving parts.