Designing a Nitrogen Generator

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There are many factors that one must consider while designing a Nitrogen Generation System. 

1) Nitrogen Flow Required

2) Purity of Nitrogen

3) Inlet Air Pressure

4) Inlet Air Availability 

5) Utilities Available

6) Nitrogen Discharge Temperature

7) Turndown Capability

These parameters form the basis of the design for the System. Higher inlet air pressure results in better separation of Nitrogen from Air. Additionally, one must also ensure that the compressors are sized sufficiently; so, they can provide the necessary feed air required for the Nitrogen Generator. Electrical utilities play a role in sizing of the Heater and related controls. Some applications may have a constraint on the discharge temperature of Nitrogen, which is a key parameter in establishing the process temperature for the separation to take place. It is also important to understand the turndown capability of the System as during startup downstream requirement may be much lesser than the intended design