Gas Land Concludes 2018 Summer Internship Program

Emmanuel Salas, 2018 graduate of the University of California, Irvine, recently completed Gas Land's summer internship program.


Manny worked through various process, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, and materials science engineering tasks as he learned about the world of LNG and Gas Land's footprint. Calculating heater loads, conducting industry research, rendering lifting lugs with AutoCAD, and reviewing piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID's), Manny ventured well beyond the program and demonstrated a breadth of achievement.

Recently hired as a Mechanical Design Engineer with PBS Engineers, Inc., Manny is now based in the Los Angeles area. We at Gas Land are thrilled to have had you, Manny. 

Candidates interested in applying to Gas Land's internship program should email Amy Yun.

Adriatic LNG Servicing


Gas Land recently visited Adriatic LNG to service four Nitrogen Generators that are running on the platform. Adriatic LNG terminal is a LNG receiving facility located in the Adriatic sea offshore of Porto Viro.  Ten years ago, the Nitrogen Systems  were designed to run three systems at all times, and use the fourth system as a backup. However, today the terminal is using one system continuously to meet normal demand requirements, and use all four systems during peak demand. Currently, each system produces about 200 - 220 Nm3/hr of Nitrogen at 98% purity. Gas Land worked with Adriatic LNG to further fine tune performance for each system such as  monitoring DCS and recommending maintenance and spares, along with expanding the system's life for another 10 years.

Adriatic LNG is the world's first offshore gravity based structure LNG regasification terminal. The terminal mainly imports LNG from Qatar but also receives cargoes from Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Equatorial Guinea and Sabine Pass from the United States, all of which have Gas Land's Nitrogen Systems.

Sabine Pass Stage 3 Training & Commissioning

Gas Land, Inc. is proud to announce the successful completion of training and commissioning for Sabine Pass LNG Stage 3 Nitrogen Generation System. The training session encompassed a complete and thorough overview of the System, and included hands on training. Operators now have a better understanding of all the major components of the system along with the different modes of operation. This enables operators to better optimize the performance and integrate the System with the LNG Plant.

Gas Land, Inc. 2017 Highlights

Wheatstone LNG Commissioning and Training

One of Gas Land, Inc's biggest highlight of the year was the successful commissioning and training of all operator personnel of Wheatstone LNG. Upon commissioning, the System can generate about 3000 Nm3/hr of Nitrogen at 96% purity. The Nitrogen Generator also has a Liquid Nitrogen Storage and Vaporization System which serves as a back up to the primary Membrane Nitrogen Generator. Two Liquid Nitrogen Tanks each with a capacity of 100,000 US gallons along with six vaporizers form to serve as the Liquid back up System. Per CEO, Khalil Jaber, "Operator training with Chevron personnel went exceedingly well and Gas Land, Inc. is proud to be partners for this amazing project."

Queensland LNG Upgrade

Gas Land, Inc. successfully upgraded 3 Nitrogen Generators for Queensland LNG Plant located in Curtis Island, Australia. The upgrade enabled to increase Nitrogen output by 65% for each System at 96% purity. The expansion capability of each System is attributed to Gas Land, Inc's unique and proprietary design.

Summer Engineering Internship Program - University of California, Irvine

Gas Land, Inc. launched its first ever internship program, a comprehensive 10-week program with the primary goal of providing professional engineering experience to two students Danielle De Arcos and Karl Quilos who are both senior Mechanical Engineering students at the University of California, Irvine. They were exposed to all stages of Gas Land, Inc’s projects and had the opportunity to participate in project bids, engineering design, procurement and solving daily technical issues. The internship experience is unique since projects are interdisciplinary requiring expert integration of Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Process Engineering.

Hydrocarbon Engineering Publication

Gas Land, Inc. gets published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, a leading Oil and Gas magazine. The article explains the various processes involved to generate Nitrogen and the many uses of Nitrogen in LNG plants worldwide.

Gas Land Inc Highlights

Gas Land supplied Three (3) Nitrogen Generation Systems for Sabine Pass LNG – which was the only operational LNG Plant for export in the lower 48 states as of 2016. The facility started exporting the chilled fuel in February 2016. Since then it has shipped 40 cargoes produced from Two Liquefaction Trains with most of them landing in Latin America followed by Africa, Asia, and Europe. Gas Land's Systems are also used in major LNG Plants in Australia. The table below provides a list of our Australian installations.

download (5).png

Gas Land is proud that our systems are an essential component to the LNG Industry, which are part of the biggest LNG Plants in the world. By end of 2017, the total LNG produced by these Plants would be 37.9 MTPA, which accounts for 47% of the LNG produced from Australia.